What is BOLD?

Also known as fumagina, negreo or sooty mold, it is a very common disease because they are attacked after suffering from pests such as aphids, mealybugs or whiteflies. If the plant is resistant to these pests, it will also be resistant to this fungus.

Any area of the plant covered by the sticky sugar may be susceptible to the disease.

Why DOES black mold come out in our plants?

It usually appears with the arrival of summer and the increase in humidity, heat and poor ventilation. Under these conditions, the probability of our orchard being attacked by fungi increases.

Bold mold is an opportunistic fungus. It takes advantage of the honeydew excreted by plant-parasitic insects to develop. It can appear on any plant susceptible to attack by these pests under the right moisture conditions.

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How does black leaf mold AFFECT our plants?

Black mold is a disease caused by a fungus and develops on leaves, fruits, shoots, stems and even on soils, walls or other objects that are close to the plant. The attacked surfaces appear covered with a dark colored stain that disappears when rubbed with the fingers. Although it does not cause serious damage to the plant, it is an aesthetic problem. However, if the attacks are very strong, they can interfere with photosynthesis and slow down the plant’s growth rate.

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It is true that sometimes, if it is very widespread, the black mold can kill our plant by not allowing it to breathe or photosynthesize.

How to ELIMINATE blackhead naturally?