Do you know what feather meal is? Feather meal can be used in agriculture and is a source of nitrogen and amino acids, with 85% organic matter and more than 49% organic carbon, which is a good fertilizer for our plants. Feather meal is an organic fertilizer with high nitrogen content, being a growth promoter of roots, stems and leaves, ideal for use in organic orchards, flowering/fruit trees and ornamental plants.


In addition, due to the use of hydrolyzing technology with temperature, pressure and enzymes it allows to make the amino acid molecules small enough to be absorbed by the root of the plant.

Another characteristic of feather meal is that its nitrogen release is slow, as opposed to blood meal, which has a faster release. In addition, this nitrogen, being slow decomposing, is useful to activate the decomposition of plant residues in the compost.

Uses of Feather Meal

Uses of Feather Meal in agriculture and plants are diverse, so here is a brief summary of its uses.

  • Promote the formation of flowers and fruits, highly recommended for floral horticulture.
  • As fertilizer in organic crops.
  • To aid decomposition in the formation of compost.