Zinc deficiencies are common due to its low availability in the soil due to excessively high pH and climatic conditions (prolonged drought or excessive rainfall) that reduce the absorption of these nutrients, among other causes.

It corrects Zinc deficiencies in crops and reduces the surface tension of the phytosanitary solutions in which it is added, achieving an optimal coating of the product on the entire surface of the plants.

Ideal product for application in citrus, although it can be applied in other crops (horticultural crops, fruit trees, vines, plantation, etc.).


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Formulated with amino acids from hydrolysis of vegetable products that improves the health status of treated plants.

Facilitates crop development and increases productivity even under adverse conditions.

Its rapid assimilation and translocation saves the plant energy in protein synthesis, allowing it to activate physiological functions related to sprouting, flowering and fruiting, increasing productivity.

It has a perfectly balanced aminogram with positive effects on photosynthesis, pollination and chelating capacity.