Fattening and Color Intensifier Fertilizer

  • Algae-based fertilizer to stimulate fruit growth, without synthetic hormones.
  • It is an ideal product for fruit setting, fattening, coloring and ripening of fruits.
  • It increases the yield of all types of crops, and its effects can be seen very quickly.
  • Improves all fruit quality parameters: size, consistency, turgor, color, homogeneity and shelf life.
  • It is a 100% ecological stimulator. Certified for organic farming by the CAEE.


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Fattening and Color Intensifier fertilizer based on algae extracts with micronutrients. These act synergistically on the plant to redirect as many photoassimilates as possible to the growing fruit. In the plant, fruits compete for a limited, but not fixed, availability of photoassimilates. These are distributed among the different sinks depending on their positions and distances from the sources. And of course, the force exerted by them, which is nothing more than the ability to attract and accumulate photosimilates. This capacity is determined by anatomical and hormonal factors.

The distribution of photoassimilates in the plant can therefore be considered a regulated process. In a complex way by the interaction between the fruits themselves, between these and the leaves, and, obviously, by the state of functionality of the transport pathway, the phloem. Composed of the sieve tubes, associated cells and vascular connections.

The Color Intensifier and Fattening Fertilizer should be applied in the fruit set phase, in the fruit growth phase and in the ripening phase, it will increase the number of fruits, the size and the coloration.