Promotes and protects the root system, activates the creation of roots and helps plant growth.
Formulated for rapid absorption and translocation by plant tissues, enriched with fermentation extracts with nutritional and elicitor properties.
It is especially indicated to avoid or correct deficiency symptoms of these elements, prevent anomalies in leaf development and tissue structuring.
Improved crop quality . Better use of nutrient transport via xylem-phloem.


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Manganese solution complexed by organic compounds. Its nutrients favor the reactivation of root and vegetative development after biotic stress situations. Due to its efficient complexation mode, it provides rapid absorption and high translocation through the plant tissues. It is especially indicated to prevent or correct deficiency symptoms due to manganese deficiencies or poor manganese similation. Its application avoids anomalies in leaf development and plant tissue structure. The nutrients present in its formulation improve sap circulation and enhance the development of plant organs with active growth, inducing an increase in sprouting and an increase in root development, especially of absorbent hairs, which have a greater capacity to assimilate water and nutrients. Its regular application improves crop health and increases productivity. Non-toxic natural biological product. Its use does not imply any risk for the health of humans, animals or the environment.