Phosphate Rock

  • Phosphate rock provides a 100% environmentally friendly supply of phosphorus.
  • Recommended for a correct vegetative and root development, improving nutrient absorption.
  • The application of rock phosphate improves fruit development in fruit trees, citrus trees, etc.
  • It is an agronomic alternative to conventional phosphorus inputs.


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Phosphorus in plants is the primary element responsible for improving plant structure, guaranteeing correct and vigorous flowering, improving seed and fruit quality and stimulating root formation. The plant’s root system is responsible for exploring the soil and taking up water and mineral nutrients. An abundant root is one of the most direct and economical ways to increase the efficiency of nutrient absorption. The relationship between a good root system and the adequate formation of vascular tissues is direct and together they establish one of the most important bases for the achievement of a higher productive potential.
Phosphorus is an essential plant nutrient and its deficiency severely restricts the yield of agricultural crops. Substantial amounts of phosphorus are required for optimum plant growth and fruit development.