What is MILDIU?

Downy mildew is one of the most common diseases attacking plants. It is a group of diseases caused by different species of parasitic fungi whose spores hibernate in the tubers or roots, and are activated in spring, being responsible for the fact that the leaves from one day to the next begin to have yellow spots and a grayish-whitish powder on the underside.

The worst thing is that if we have them near healthy plants, they will most likely end up infected as well. It is one of the most common pests on plants such as grapevines and is capable of wiping out plants and even entire crops if not treated correctly.

Why does mildew COME OUT on our plants?

It occurs when we add rainy days with high temperatures, above 25°C or when the humidity in the environment is high and we also combine them with high temperatures.

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From 10 degrees is when the spores of this fungus begin to activate, normally this happens in spring, being summer its peak season. Under these conditions, the pest spreads rapidly.

How does mildew AFFECT our plants?

Downy mildew develops inside the leaves, stems and fruits and appears as a grayish-white powder that covers everything. In fact, white and yellow spots appear on the leaf, while the underside remains grayish. The leaves dry out at the tips and the spots advance towards the interior. Finally, it causes the leaves to fall.

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How to ELIMINATE mildew naturally?

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