What is MONILIA?

It is a disease of fruit trees caused by a fungus(Monilinia spp.), which can affect practically all stages of the plant. Moreover, in fruit trees it can also be very harmful in post-harvest.

Monilia infection in fruit trees usually occurs in small fruits, flowers and branches, where it is easier to detect it in the first instance.

Why does monilia COME OUT on our plants?

For infection to occur, the fungus has to find a wound in order to penetrate inside the fruit and initiate the rotting process. These small holes and scratches can be produced by many causes: atmospheric phenomena such as rain or hail; impacts of particles dragged by the wind; the action of birds and insects…


From these small wounds, monilia causes a series of progressive damages, which are easy to identify by the appearance of brown or dirty white spots. When monilia infection occurs during flowering, some parts of the flowers begin to blacken and eventually dry up completely.

How does monilia AFFECT our plants?

In fruit trees it is a serious problem for crops because it is a very frequent disease in fruit trees caused by a very abundant fungus that damages flowers, small fruits and branches.

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It is a pest that can be very harmful, since it produces a great affectation in the fruits, which dry up and mummify without falling from the tree. On branches, monilia can produce cracks or craters.

How to ELIMINATE monilia naturally?

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