What is the ROYA?

It is a disease caused by fungi, mainly of the genera Puccinia and Melampsora. It affects, as we said, all types of plants, but especially those with leaves; even so, cacti can also suffer from it.

Like all fungi, once it manages to penetrate the plant through the roots or pruning wounds, it multiplies very quickly and, consequently, symptoms do not take more than a day or two at the most to appear.

Why does rust COME OUT on our plants?

The main causes of these fungi are too much water or humidity and heat. That is why they come out mainly at times of the year when there is rainfall and warm and hot temperatures (such as spring, summer and autumn).

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How does rust AFFECT our plants?

We will know that our plant has rust if we see that small red or brown bumps appear on the underside of the leaves, which are nothing more than the accumulation of the fungus spores. On the upper side, we will see yellow spots or more discolored portions. The first symptoms are chlorotic spots on the adaxial and abaxial surface of the leaf, then the lesions increase in size and take on an orange color, which then turns orange to brown.

Although rust rarely kills plants, it reduces flower and fruit production, increases plant vulnerability to insects and other diseases, and affects the appearance of previously healthy-looking plants.

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How to ELIMINATE rust?