From Cultivers Eco, we want to help you during the month of August. Sometimes we are not very clear about which product or products we should use according to the month in which we are and the needs of the plants in these periods. From now on we will be making a small guide where we will advise you which products to use and what to use them for. So depending on the state of your plants you can use one or the other depending on the month you are in or the state and needs of your plants.

Recommendations for the month of August:

  • PACK PNP. Many of our garden plants are in their last month of life and it is easier for them to get sick. But it is also valid for any plant that you have in your house, whether it is a green plant or an indoor plant. This pack includes three powerful natural products for pest and disease control in your crops. These three products combined offer a comprehensive and environmentally friendly solution to protect your plants from pests and fungal infections.
Potassium_soap_neem_bicarbonate_potassium soap
  • AMINO ACIDS 85%. Whether for your plants or trees, it is a good time to apply amino acids. We stimulate the growth of vegetative parts and create reserves and new branches for next year.
Aminoacidos.marro .1KG scaled
  • MAX COLOR AND SIZE. A month in which our fruits and fruits of the orchard need a good shot of potassium, with it we not only make them bigger, but also more flavor and sweetness. Without a doubt, now is the time.
  • SEAWEED FERTILIZER. Heat and lack of water. This product based on Ascophyllum nodosum extracts will help our plants to be healthier and more resistant to abiotic factors. Factors that we cannot control but we can, thanks to algae, help to reduce their effects on our plants.
  • WORM HUMUS. Although it may not seem like it because of the temperatures in August, it is an ideal month to start planning our seedbeds for the upcoming Fall-Winter season. And what better product to make the seedbeds than our 100% organic worm humus. With a proportion that is between 20-40% of the substrate that we use for seedlings, you will see how your seedlings grow like never before.

This has been our selection of products for this month of August. As you can see, you have a little bit of everything. You have everything from humus to start seedlings, to potassium to give that last boost to your tomatoes and peppers.