From Cultivers Eco, we want to help you during the month of July. Sometimes we are not very clear about which product or products we should use according to the month in which we are and the needs of the plants in these periods. From now on we will be making a small guide where we will advise you which products to use and what to use them for. So depending on the state of your plants you can use one or the other.





– WORM HUMUS. It helps us to regenerate the soil and nourish it. This product is ideal for all year round, especially in crops or potted plants, since the availability of food for the plant is more limited.




– AGRO MELAZA. It nourishes the microbial life of the soil and decisively improves the health of our plants. In addition, thanks to its improved formulation, it will make your plants grow in an incredible way.


melaza5l 1


– SEAWEED. Whether it is the solid or liquid version, it helps to protect our plants against abiotic stress. It will help them to better withstand both lack of water and excessive heat. It will also improve its root system, so our plant will be healthier.


algas 5l


– RISE GROWTH. Boosts the creation of chlorophyll by making your plants’ photosynthesis more efficient. State-of-the-art antioxidant and biostimulant. This product will make your plants look different.

PACK 1 L 3

– BOOST. Fertilizer of fattening for your plants of last generation. This ultra-enhanced Potassium K will keep your plants growing and working, even when they are in the fruit setting phase. Undoubtedly, the best potassium on the market.

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As you can see, this has been our selection of products for the month of July. We hope we have helped you and solved any doubts about how and when to apply certain products.