From Cultivers Eco, we want to help you during the month of September. Sometimes we are not very clear about which product or products we should use according to the month in which we are and the needs of the plants in these periods. From now on we will be making a small guide where we will advise you which products to use and what to use them for. So depending on the state of your plants you can use one or the other depending on the month you are in or the state and needs of your plants.

Recommendations for the month of September:

  • BIOCHAR. A product that not only helps us to regenerate our soils, but also helps us to retain nutrients and to structure the soil in a correct and optimal way for our plants.
  • BIOCHAR ACTIVATOR. The ideal complement together with Biochar, so that our floors are at another level. This Biochar activator is necessary for a correct use of biochar.
activador biochar 250 ml
  • AGRO MELAZA. A product, which for many is an essential in their daily life in the garden. It is a soil regenerator in liquid form, which acts not only directly on the microbial life of the soil, but also helps our plants look like never before.
Agro Molasses
  • FISH MEAL. Fall crops are characterized among other things by needing a large amount of nitrogen, thanks to our fishmeal you will achieve this contribution in an ecological and sustainable way.
  • WORM HUMUS. Another product that cannot be missing in your orchards, pots and gardens. It alone is capable of nourishing both your plants and the soil in which they grow. Our 100% organic worm humus is an ideal product for any time of the year.

This is our selection for the month of September, an important month for us growers, in which we start with the autumn-winter garden and we have to regenerate the soils that have been exhausted due to the spring-summer crops, which are very demanding.