Calcium Corrector

  • Water soluble organic fertilizer with calcium to improve firmness, fruit set and cracking problems.
  • It provides firmness and quality to fruits thanks to its excellent penetration capacity and an efficient translocation of nutrients to the areas of demand.
  • Stable formulation of calcium and organic acids, which gives it an additional advantage as an activator of plant metabolism.
  • Prevents and corrects calcium deficiency states. It avoids the rot to apply (tomato and bell pepper peseta).
  • It constitutes a basic contribution in the phenological phases of fruit set and fruit set, so important to ensure productivity.


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Calcium deficiencies occur mainly in young organs, given the low oematic mobility of both elements; therefore, the adequate growth of new buds, roots and reserve organs depends on these nutrients.
It constitutes a basic supply of calcium that should be included in any nutrition program for high-yielding organic crops. Especially during the fruit set and fruit set phases, which are so important to ensure productivity.
Avoids nutritional imbalances due to calcium deficiency or malabsorption, which can cause diseases such as fruit cracking or apical rot.
Provides firmness and elasticity to plant tissues, especially to growing organs. In addition, its high organic load, with osmoprotective principles, gives it an additional benefit as a dynamizer of plant metabolism.