Calcium Tomatoes, Peppers and Vegetable Liquid

  • Calcium corrector for tomatoes, peppers and all types of vegetables.
  • Strengthens resistance to diseases. It fights against apical rot and peseta.
  • Apply regularly during the stages of greatest vegetative activity: apex development, root formation, pre-flowering, fruit set and fruit set.
  • Solution rich in calcium derived from carboxylic acids -acetates and lignosulfonates- that improve the assimilation and distribution of calcium to demanding plant organs.
  • Improves water balance, tissue turgor and fruit firmness; applied to the soil, it increases aeration and water and nutrient retention.
  • 100% Natural and Organic Fertilizer.


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The calcium in this product comes from organic sources (calcium acetate and lignosulfonate) rich in natural betaines, is rapidly assimilated and translocated within plants. It provides effective calcium during the stages of high calcium demand – rooting, sprouting, flowering and fruiting – in demanding crops and/or in those established on soils with deficiencies. On the other hand, the high organic load provokes a specific response in plants characterized by an increase in vegetative development. In saline soils or in cases of use of irrigation water rich in salts, it mitigates the adverse effects of salinity through the displacement of sodium from the wet bulb. Calcium bound to organic molecules improves clay flocculation and favors the absorption of other nutrients.