Efficacy: Metal ions sequestered by heptagluconic acid do not react with other soil components, even in very acidic or very calcareous soils.

Speed of action: being a derivative of a natural sugar, it enters the plant’s metabolism through the foliar or root system very quickly. Beneficial effects can be observed 10-12 days after application if the crop has been irrigated.

Safety: safe product and does not cause any phytotoxicity problem in treated crops, either by foliar or root application (injection or drip irrigation).

Persistence: The persistence of action depends on the degree of deficiency, method of application and dosage. The doses cover the needs for the whole crop cycle.

Ease of use: it is highly soluble in water, so there is no clogging of drippers or nozzles.


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In the form of Gluconate Solution, it is a product to correct Zinc and Manganese deficiencies with immediate response of sprouts and higher crop yields.