Ground Diatomaceous Earth

  • Ground powder solid (milling). Food grade E55IC
  • Diatomaceous earth of the highest quality 100% ecological at factory price.
  • Suitable for all described uses without safety period.
  • Registration number certified by sohiscert: CV237PAE-07
  • Product 100% Natural and Harmless to animals, respectful with the environment.


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The silicon nutrition of the crop reinforces the plant’s capacity to store and distribute carbohydrates required for growth and crop production.
Diatomaceous earth as a source of silicon mineral, promotes root colonization by algae, lichens, bacteria and mycorrhizae, improving the fixation and assimilation of nitrogen and phosphorus among other minerals.
Silicon has synergistic action with calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), iron (Fe), zinc (Zn) and molybdenum (Mo). The six elements present a synergistic action, optimizing crop development and crop production, also improving the half-life of perishable crops.