Flour Bone Bigbag and 20kg bags in Pallet

  • Natural fertilizer to provide phosphorus and calcium to all types of crops.
  • Stimulates rooting, growth, nutrient absorption and flowering of the plants.
  • Increases fruit set
  • Enhances vigor and strength against pests and external negative factors
  • Ideal for all types of crops, plants and gardens


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The plant’s root system is responsible for exploring the soil and taking up water and mineral nutrients from it; an abundant root is one of the most direct and economical ways to increase the efficiency of nutrient absorption, thus reducing the extra NPK input.
In addition to this, it is in the root where most of the hormones responsible for the regulation of plant metabolism in important processes such as cell division, cell thickening and elongation, fruit set and fruit growth, etc., are synthesized. Calcium is involved in the resistance and adaptation reactions of the plant, it is one of the most important components of the cell wall, which provides permeability to it. It also improves the quality, consistency and post-harvest life of the fruit.
Natural fertilizer ideal for planting trees and shrubs. It favors rooting and stimulates flowering and fruiting.