Start your garden from 1 to 3 m2. Pack 11 Eco Seeds and Fertilizers


11 Organic Seeds: Eggplant White Egg, Eggplant Black Beauty, Carrots Jaune du Doubs, Onion Rossa Lunga di Firenze, Tomato Roma VF, Tomato Corazón de Buey, Tomato Black Cherry, Pepper Corno di Toro Rosso, Radish Saxa 2, Spinach Matador, Broccoli Morado, Curly Lettuce Lollo Rosso, Lettuce oak leaf Salad Bowl


Organic Fertilizers: 10 kg Earthworm Humus, 5 kg NPK fertilizer with Guano, 1 l Cane Molasses, 1 l Amimoacids, 250 g Seaweed 100%, 250 g Iron Chelate, 250 g Calcium Corrector, 250 g Fattening and ripening fertilizer, 1 l Triple action


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Pack contents:

Eggplant White Egg
Carrots Jaune du Doubs
Onion Rossa Lunga di Firenze
Beef Heart Tomato
Black Cherry Tomato
Corno di Toro Rosso Pepper
Radish Saxa 2
Matador Spinach
Purple Broccoli
Curly Lettuce Lollo Rosso
Oak Leaf Lettuce Salad Bowl


Organic fertilizers and treatments


1,5 kg Earthworm Humus
250 g NPK fertilizer with Guano
1 l Cane molasses
250 g Iron Chelate
250 g Calcium Corrector
250g Fattening and ripening fertilizer
500 ml Triple Action


How to use our products.



We will mix your substrate or soil with our worm humus and our granulated NPK fertilizer from Guano. According to container dimensions.

2. Once we have the mixture we add it to our pot and stir well until it is integrated. In the case of pots, we simply fill the pots.



1. Lo we will use once the plants have a size of approximately 10 cm, if we use it before we will do it to 1/3 part of its doses.

2. We will apply in a radicular way, either with fertigation or by using a hosepipe, with the doses indicated on the package every 15-21 days.

3. We can use it during the whole cycle of our plants.



1. Lo use in the indicated doses 2 to 3 times during the whole cycle of our plants.

2. The first will be just before our plants start flowering, this will help to have a better fruit set.

It can be applied both foliar and root.



1. We can use it to correct iron deficiency as well as to prevent it.

2. Lo use always in the doses recommended on the package.

3. This we will apply it in a radicular way to our crops.



1. This product is especially suitable for use with used your plants from flowering onwards.

2. It can be use both foliar and root application.

3. We will use it once every 21 days approximately.



1. This product will be use it in preventive mode or when the pest is not very extended.

2. It does not require a grace period as it is an organic product.

3. As it is a product to be used, it does not need to be mixed with water, we will simply apply it on our crops.




Irrigation. In order to germinate, seeds need to absorb water.

Temperature. Each species has its germination temperature that must be reached and maintained if we want to obtain the correct nascence of the seeds.

Light. At the beginning of germination the need for light is not essential, however, after nascence it is essential that the seedlings have a correct light source, so we will place the seedbeds in a well-lit space.

Seeds for their correct germination and growth:

They will be planted in due time. Some species can be planted throughout the year, however, others need to be planted at a specific time of the year.

They need the substrate in which to germinate to retain moisture and air, and be rich in nutrients for further growth.

Humidity must be constant, avoiding excessive watering, as too much water will rot the seeds or small seedlings.