Iron Sulfate

  • It provides iron to the soil and favors the photosynthesis of your plants. Plant metabolism activator
  • 100% natural fertilizer. Maintains the acidity and reduces the pH of the soil, eliminates the lack of nutrients in your plants. It provides nutrients to the soil. Recommended for use in acidic plants
  • Combats leaf yellowing, iron chlorosis and intensifies green color. EC FERTILIZER
  • Concrete stain reddish, rusty effect for walls, stairs, floors, etc.
  • Iron sulfate authorized in organic farming.


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Iron sulfate is a chemical compound with the chemical formula FeSO4. It provides the crop with a large amount of nutrients (sulfur, iron, manganese…) and helps to reduce the pH of both organic matter and soil, which improves soil structure, thus favoring agricultural production.

IRON SULPHATE FERTILIZER is a chemical product that is presented in the form of a crystalline powder with a bluish-green matte or pasty color. It is specially developed for use as fertilizer and in the treatment of drinking water. For soils with iron deficiencies, for iron chlorosis, yellowing of leaves. It is also used to remove moss from the soil, to disinfect the soil against insects and to paint walls, it gives a rusty color, also called ferrous sulfate, green, green vitriol, iron vitriol, melanterite.