Vegetable Potassium Corrector

Increases plant resistance: Plant-derived potassium strengthens plant resistance to disease, water stress and adverse environmental conditions, improving their overall health.

Stimulates root growth: This product promotes the development of strong and vigorous roots, which improves nutrient and water absorption by plants.

Improves fruit quality: The contribution of potassium contributes to improve the quality of fruits, increasing their flavor, size and nutritional value.

Balances plant nutrition: Containing essential microelements, this product helps to balance plant nutrition, ensuring healthy growth and good production.

With this potassium of vegetable origin in solid form, you will be able to enjoy a more vigorous and productive orchard and garden, promoting the healthy growth of your plants and obtaining excellent quality harvests.


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Potassium of vegetable origin, obtained from algae, is a high quality fertilizer that provides potassium and essential microelements for plant growth and development. This fertilizer, for root application, is characterized by its natural and environmentally friendly origin.

Potassium is a macroelement that plays a fundamental role in the health of our plants, contributing to the development of strong roots, improving resistance to stress and favoring fruit quality. The microelements present in this product, such as iron, manganese, zinc and boron, are essential for numerous metabolic processes in plants.

By using this potassium of vegetable origin, you guarantee a balanced and complete nutrition for your crops. Its root application allows an efficient absorption of nutrients, promoting healthy growth and greater resistance to diseases and adverse conditions.


This plant-derived potassium is an excellent choice for vegans looking to fertilize their plants with plant-derived sources. As a product obtained from algae, it is completely free of animal ingredients.

Being a product of vegetable origin makes it an ethical and sustainable alternative, as it does not contribute to animal exploitation or negative impact on the environment. Vegans can be confident that they are caring for their plants in a way that is consistent with their values and lifestyle.

It is not only an animal-friendly fertilizer, but also offers significant benefits for the growth and development of our plants in orchards and gardens. Due to its high concentration of potassium together with microelements, it guarantees balanced nutrition and greater resistance to abiotic stress in plants, which translates into healthier plants, abundant harvests and excellent quality.

In short, plant-based potassium is the ideal choice for vegans who wish to promote a sustainable, ethical and healthy lifestyle in line with their values and lifestyle. In turn, they care for their crops and gardens in an effective and environmentally friendly manner.