Biochar Charcoal

  • Regenerates, boosts soil fertility. Increases aeration and crop production. Structure and texture improver. pH regulator of very acid soils, improves their physical and chemical properties and has the capacity to buffer sudden temperature changes.
  • Uses and Benefits: Pots (more vigorous plants and enhances flowering.) Lawns (greener with less water). | Horticultural crops (more production, less diseases). | Trees (Improves disease resistance and boosts tree growth). | Compost (accelerates composting process, increases nutrients and microorganisms)
  • Retains nutrients longer, boosting the growth of your plants. Improves water retention of soils. Biochar has a high water retention capacity, which improves root irrigation and allows nutrients to be captured and retained, as it reduces leaching losses.
  • Activates the natural defenses of plants, improving the immune system. Healthier plants and trees.
  • Biochar contributes to carbon sequestration from the atmosphere, since it stores more than three times its weight in CO₂, so that for every kilogram of biochar, more than 3 kilograms of CO₂ are sequestered. Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


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5L = 1kg
20L = 4kg

Pots: -Transplant: 15% with a substrate for plants or place it at the bottom of the pot. -Apply two tablespoons in the pot. Horticultural crops: stir 0.5 l/m2 Trees and fruit trees: 3 to 5 l in the bottom of the planting hole, cover and irrigate abundantly with water. Lawn: 0.5 l/ m2 and water abundantly. Compost: Apply thin layers over the organic matter remains. It is recommended to apply with an activator or worm humus.