Blood Flour Bigbag and 25kg Sacks on Pallets

  • Organic fertilizer with high nitrogen content, obtained from blood meal.
  • Provides a rapid and balanced supply of nitrogen
  • Activator of balanced crop growth
  • Its nutrients are released gradually, covering the needs of the plant during its development.
  • 100% organic product by the caee, registration number: 26172


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In plants, most of the nitrogen is located in high molecular weight compounds (proteins and nucleic acids). It is usually the macroelement that most frequently limits crop production. Nitrogen deficiency results in chlorosis of old leaves, with a decrease in the biomass surface. Blood meal is an organic fertilizer with high nitrogen content, obtained from blood meal. Its application increases the photosynthetic rate and ensures the supply of nitrogen at critical moments of vegetative growth. Its origin and manufacturing process means that its principles are not washed away by rainwater or prolonged risk, thus avoiding the loss of nutritive material and the contamination of groundwater. The most common form of incorporation is by direct application on the ground, being advisable to carry out burial work.