Preventive and curative. Elicitor, inducer of resistance against fungi and bacteria through the stimulation of the plant’s natural defense mechanisms. Other pests controlled: biting and sucking insects, soil borne insects, foliar fungi, etc.

It is extracted from chitin, of natural origin, using as raw material the exoskeletons of marine crustaceans. Crops: Fruit, Vegetable, Grass, Hemp and Seeds.
Stimulates growth, root production, nutrient absorption and flowering.
Dosage: 5 ml/l. Applying from the development of the first leaf until fruit development. Seeds: Apply by dipping or spraying in seed treatment before sowing.


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Chitosan protects crops against pathogen and pest attacks, improves crop quality and maintains yield stability during post-harvest storage.

Plant self-defense activating elicitor. Reduces stomatal openings to prevent pathogen attack.

Activator of plant defense mechanisms. It causes a false stress in the plant, confusing the presence of the product with the proximity of a pathogen ready to attack it. It sets in motion the plant’s self-defense mechanism.

Important element of defenses allowing the entry of calcium into the cell. Maintaining fruit turgor and firmness in postharvest.

Activates the formation of physical barriers, activates the formation of secondary roots and root hairs in adult plants, activates the adsorption of micronutrients.

It can be used as a seed coating, for preservation during storage and in the release of fertilizer systems.