Organic Rose Fertilizer

  • Special organic fertilizer for roses and climbers.
  • Boosts flowering and flower aroma. Intensifies color.
  • 100% organic and vegan origin. High assimilation with NPK + 74% organic matter and humic acids.
  • Slow and controlled formulation of vegetable origin. Strengthens resistance to diseases.
  • Product 100% Natural and Harmless to animals, environmentally friendly.


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Organic fertilizer of vegetable origin rich in N and K.
The benefits of the contribution of this fertilizer to rose bushes are as follows:
Organic nitrogen favors the supply of nitrogen throughout the whole cycle. New shoot growth, increased coloration of rose leaves and rich flowering were observed.
High Potassium content causes a good development of flower buds and prevents yellowing or wilting of leaves.
Do not approach the trunk when fertilizing.