Iron Chelate

  • Highly dissolving iron chelate, which does not cause clogging problems in irrigation systems.
  • An essential plant nutrient involved in numerous vital functions, including the synthesis of chlorophyll.
  • Iron deficiency corrector. Prevents and cures iron deficiency (iron chlorosis) in horticultural, tree and ornamental crops.
  • Ecological product designed for all types of plants and trees. COMPOSITION 6%Fe-EDDHA, 4,8 ORTHO-ORTHO ISOMERE
  • CAAE certified registration number: CE-007459-2019.


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High quality organic iron chelate (Fe-EDDHA). The chelating agent EDDHA has proven to be the most stable over a wide pH range, as well as effective in the prevention and correction of iron deficiency. The application of iron satisfies nutritionally the most demanding crops in iron, assuring optimal levels during the whole cycle. One of the best iron chelates on the market due to its fast assimilation and the fact that it does not clog any drip system. It is very easy to apply and very important for the normal functioning and good development of plants.