Magnesium Sulfate

  • Universal Organic fertilizer ideal for all types of crops, fruit trees, lawn, garden, outdoor and indoor plants.
  • Greener grass and plants, allowing the plant to withstand harsh environmental factors. Helps in the germination process and seed growth in the early stages.
  • Promotes photosynthetic activity in greenhouse crops.
  • Improves soil quality, increase vegetable production, accelerate growth and increased flowering. Special for Tomatoes and Peppers due to their high magnesium consumption while growing.
  • 100% Natural and Harmless to animals and plants.


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Cultivers Magnesium Sulfate comes from a natural extraction by mechanical processes, it is especially indicated for horticulture, agriculture and gardening as it favors the development of flowers and plants.

It is used as a fertilizer for green plants and flowering plants, grown in pots, gardens, greenhouses. Specific to correct magnesium deficiencies in plants.