Expanded Clay Arlite

  • Balls of natural clay obtained at high temperatures, size 8/16 mm. Homogeneous, light product of high porosity.
  • Prevents substrate caking and retains nutrients.
  • It can be used as a draining base and in hydroponic crops.
  • Improves plant drainage. Prevents root rot. Protects the soil from sudden temperature changes.
  • USE: Alone or mixed with the substrate. It can be used for decorative purposes.


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Arlite or expanded clay is a lightweight ceramic aggregate. With a granulometry between 8/16mm with multiple uses in the field of gardening and construction. Balls of natural clay of ceramic color, subjected to high temperatures, obtaining a light, high porosity, decorative, draining product. Prevents caking in substrates and retains nutrients. Drainage base and in hydroponic crops. They are used as decorative elements due to their color and appearance, in addition to improving water filtration, reducing the evaporation of water from the substrate, reducing the germination of weeds in our garden.