Ecological Bonsai Fertilizer

  • Fertilizer in the form of slow and controlled release microgranules.
  • Controlled growth of new internodes
  • Ecological organic fertilizer with a high NPK concentration.
  • Organic fertilizer from high quality plant material, obtained by controlled fermentation, for a balanced nutrition.
  • 100% organic and natural origin.


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Ecological Bonsai Fertilizer is an organic fertilizer for Bonsai of vegetable origin to be applied to the soil. Bonsai fertilizer with a high amount of organic matter, nitrogen, potassium, humic and fulvic acids, with improved technological characteristics, in pearl form for easy application.

In our organic Bonsai fertilizer its even-sized granules are suitable for manual and mechanized application. In contact with soil, it is rapidly incorporated into the soil and has a solubility of 99%.

It can be applied as bottom and top dressing. Fertilizer for tomato incorporating nitrogen and potassium, contains high quality HUMIC ACIDS that improve soil structure.

The carbon and nitrogen ratio facilitates the extraction of minerals by the roots, and improves the population of beneficial soil microorganisms, forming aggregates and facilitating soil oxygenation.

It does not leach in case of heavy rains. Efficiently optimizes the soil-microorganism ratio. Even in inclement weather, it forms aggregates, facilitating soil oxygenation.

Effectiveness of humic acids found in our Organic Bonsai Fertilizer

The humic acids in our bonsai compost are present in the soil and are the most active part of the soil organic matter. They are a mixture of complex organic molecules formed by decomposition and oxidation of organic matter. Therefore, humification is a progressive process leading to the formation of humic acids.

Humic and fulvic acids are excellent chelators, favoring nutrient absorption at the root level and chelating most nutrients, making them available to the plant through the roots.