Fattening and Ripening Fertilizer

  • Potassium solution with neutral pH for fruit fattening and ripening.
  • It has a high mobility and translocation, so the plant has a greater capacity to assimilate it quickly.
  • It favors the synthesis of sugars and their subsequent accumulation in the reserve organs.
  • It is recommended to apply during the fruiting phase to improve the fattening process, since it favors the increase in size and uniformity of the fruits.
  • potassium fertilizer indicated for application during the growth phases of fruits and other reserve organs.


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Fattening and Ripening Fertilizer is a fertilizer highly concentrated in fulvic acids and potassium. It provides numerous benefits that complement its main function of supplying high quality and rapidly assimilated potassium.

Fulvic acids are potent organic stimulants. They are more reactive than humic acids due to their reduced molecular size, and therefore act more quickly to improve plant development. In addition, they increase the permeability of cell membranes, improving nutrient absorption.

In the soil, they act as natural chelating agents. They form fulvates with blocked cations, converting them into easily assimilated molecules that quickly enter the interior of the plant, optimizing the supply of fertilizers applied during irrigation. Improve soil structure through increased aeration and clay flocculation, enhancing root growth.

Our Fattening and Ripening Fertilizer improves pigment production in fruits and vegetables and thus color intensity. The sugar, acidity and juice content is increased and the aroma is intensified. Marketed fruits are much more attractive to customers.

Increases the consistency of plant tissues which is decisive.