Ecological Universal Plant Fertilizer

  • Ecological organic fertilizer for all types of indoor and outdoor plants.
  • Fertilizer for all types of plants of vegetable origin developed to provide all the nutrition for plants
  • Plant growth and flowering stimulator.
  • Easily absorbed fertilizer that improves the structure of the soil or potting soil, helping the retention of liquids and saving water.
  • Does not produce any odor


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Ecological Universal Plant Fertilizer. Organic fertilizer of vegetable origin to be applied to the soil for all types of plants. It contains a high amount of organic matter, nitrogen, potassium, humic and fulvic acids.

It is manufactured with improved technological characteristics, in an easy-to-apply pearl form. He quickly gets down on the ground.

Organic Universal Plant Fertilizer incorporates nitrogen and potassium, contains high quality HUMIC ACIDS that improve soil structure.

The carbon and nitrogen ratio facilitates the extraction of minerals by the roots, and improves the population of beneficial soil microorganisms, forming aggregates and facilitating soil oxygenation.

It does not leach in case of heavy rains. It is a stable product that efficiently optimizes the soil-microorganism relationship. Even in inclement weather, it forms aggregates, facilitating soil oxygenation.